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Geoff & Jennifer Boer

Serving In Papua New Guinea

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The Story

Geoff, an accountant and Jennifer, a speech pathologist, grew up on the rural fringe of Melbourne, Australia. They met when Jennifer was studying at the Bible College of Victoria and Geoff was leading a local church youth group. 

They both had their interest in mission piqued by encounters with faithful mission pioneers in their early teens. For Geoff, it was Max Meyers leading an MAF team and a Cessna flight over the Yarra Valley. For Jennifer, it was her vicar Charlie Maling, a CMS missionary returning from Africa and teaching her to sing “I will follow Jesus”, in Swahili.

Geoff and Jennifer have three wonderful children; Susannah, Marcus and Stephanie. They can see God’s sovereign over their lives and are grateful for the opportunity to serve overseas. 

'I will never leave you nor forsake you.'

Joshua 1:5

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