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In 2006, the UN declared Sudan to be one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world and estimated that 90% of the population in the South was living in extreme poverty. This is due in part to the violence, bloodshed and devastation forced on this people throughout the last half century.

Our ‘VIPs’ are the key to bringing transformation to this part of the world. By buying or chipping in for ticket, you’re helping us buy them an hour’s flight in our Cessna 208. Every single flight brings transformation and hope to this country.

The recent conflict took a very heavy toll. Around 500,000 people were forced into refugee camps. Now that things have stabilised, and we’re able to get back in to the region, the need for our VIPs to get around South Sudan is greater than ever.

But we need your help to make this happen. Donate a tax deductible ticket today!

VIP Message Wall

Be bold and courageous in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord
Stephen , Bundaberg North, QLD
The sacrifices you make for others aren't unnoticed, thanks for following the example of Christ and inspiring us to do the same!
Ben , Brisbane
Although we live far away our hearts go out to you as we pray for the people of Sputh Sudan and labourers in the field who go in the strength of The Lord. Thomas & Elaine, Sydney
Thomas , Sydney
Keep up your inspirational work. I trust that my relatively small contribution will assist you in transforming lives in ways that I am unable to.
Lachlan , Melbourne, Victoria

Your ticket means our VIPS can

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Crates of food*
Life-giving medicine
Building supplies*
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MAF's Operations in Southern Sudan

Country Director:
Bastiaan de Waal
30 (6 international, 24 national)
MAF Staff legs last year:
Fleet (Cessna):
2 x C208B Caravans
Started serving this region:
Passengers last year:
Partners we serve:
More than 200

- Some of our VIPS -

Meet Jill

Jill, one of our VIPs, oversees a clinic in the very remote town of Old Fangak. Jill is with The Alaska Sudan Medical Project: a grass-roots, volunteer project that works in this remote, impoverished region of South Sudan. Earlier this year, Jill returned to Old Fangak after evacuating during the crisis. 50 gunshot victims were awaiting her arrival and the medical supplies MAF was bringing. Some had travelled upwards of 100kms to get to this clinic. MAF flew 897 medical specialists and 70,000 kgs of medical supplies in 2013. After all these flights, we can without a doubt say that this country desperately needs these ‘VIPs’.

Meet Water Harvest International

Water Harvest International are most certainly VIPs! They are frantically busy drilling clean, abundant water wells for communities all throughout East Africa. So far they’ve completed 237 wells. In a place like Kajo Keji, this means more than precious clean water. Before these wells existed, the women had to travel long distances, often at night, to the closest stream. Rape was a common occurrence. This is no longer a problem. WHI are just one of our 400 organisational partners. Others include Tearfund, Seed Effect, Christian Mission Aid, Medair, SIM Sudan and Save the Children.

Meet Pastor Edward

Pastor Edward loves his country. He has a deep desire to see it changed and transformed. His love for his fellow man is contagious. For 11 years during Bashir’s rampage Pastor Edward was exiled. He describes seeing thousands dead from “starvation and bullet wounds”. Now, he works with Baptist Mission and is involved in all sorts of life-changing movements (including Water Harvest International!). He’s passionate about meeting the many and varied needs of those deeply affected by war and hardship. Pastor Edward is our kind of passenger. We love to fly him because we know that with each flight he is bringing great hope to this country.

Meet Kenneth

Kenneth is the project director of a great little organisation called Seed Effect. Seed Effect essentially provides micro finance loans to individuals in two separate small communities. Since launching in 2009, Seed Effect has grown to serve these two communities with over $280,000 loaned to almost 800 clients, impacting thousands of children, and seeing lives, families, and communities transformed. They rely on us to effectively carry out this mission and we are over-the-moon excited to partner with them!